December 10, 2019
12TH DECEMBER: International Universal Health Coverage Day
December 12, 2019


I am sure a lot of us are aware of the incident involving the MD of MAESK and his family. Some were reported killed and the MD is in a critical condition. We cannot at this time ascertain if this incident was a crime of opportunity or if he was targeted.


Meanwhile, the CP of Lagos and a good number of the government security agencies have visited the scene of the incidence and investigation is ongoing, I will like to advise GC Members living in and around that axis to do the following:


  1. Consider reviewing your security plans and access control policy (security starts & ends with access control). Can you improve ambient lighting; are your surveillance systems fully functional without blind spots? How are visitors managed at your residence? Review! Review!! Review!!!


  1. You are better off being engaged in discussions that could help improve security, with other residents of your Estate, Apartments & CDA. Some CDAs are now coming together to form a larger Association, to share information and mitigate evolving security risk


  1. Ensure that your guards are treated with respect and given a fair wage (a direct take home of 35-60k/month will not hurt your security objectives. Also don’t assume that the guards are being paid on time and within the month of service)


  1. The MOPOLS deployed to your estate may be double jobbing, don’t assume that you have 24/7 armed support…create systems that help you run a constant check on them.


  1. Where you can afford to, please consider subscribing to a panic alarm service. You are better off with a paid quick response service and this should be your primary plan, while the provision of the state should follow as an additional layer.


  1. Proper vetting and duly executed near neighbor intelligence report Domestic staff cannot be overemphasized.


  1. Where in doubt of the appropriate security measures to implement and perhaps you feel you need to audit what you have and your level of preparedness, seek advice from an expert.


  1. The above measures are not exhaustive and security risk can never be 💯 eliminated. However, you improve your safety by being alert and informed of the state of security around places of interest to you and your loved ones.


Finally, this advisory will be updated once we receive more information. Let’s keep safe and enjoy the holidays





Source: Friend of PEACrEc

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