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April 21, 2020
April 25, 2020

International Mother Earth Day

There is no doubt that the continued existence of humans and several other species in the world have depended on the efficiency of mother earth and times without number the earth has sent humans messages warning us of impending dangers if there are no adjustments to our usage of it. It is in order to sensitize the world on the need to make these needed adjustments that the United Nations set apart 22nd of April as International Mother Earth Day.

Humans have brought change to the environment in both positive and negative ways and this in turn continues to have adverse effects on how humans live and how they will continue to exist. Man-made changes to nature have in one way or the other affected biodiversity causing great danger to human health and the extinction of other species because of the way we make use of the resources provided by Mother Earth and how we discard our wastes in it.

The present worldwide health pandemic known as Covid19 can be seen to have a connection with the health of our ecosystem; man-made changes to nature such as land-use change, intensified agriculture, deforestation, wide livestock production, etc has brought an increase to the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans of which covid19 is among. These diseases are known as zoonotic diseases. According to the United Nations Environment, every 4 months, there is a new infection disease among humans and 75% of these are transmitted from animals.

International Mother Earth Day

Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Centre on this International Mother Earth Day wishes to spread the message for a positive impact to be made on the environment, we must all be reminded that there is a close relationship between humans, animals, and environmental health and because of this, we must all work towards a viable economy that is profitable for both people and the planet; doing this will, in turn, bring peace to our world.

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