We are glad to introduce to you, PEACrEc Magazine, Nigeria’s unique quarterly publication, which is tailored towards enabling your organization to reach its target audiences in an effective and refreshing manner that is informative and, at the same time, educating and entertaining.

PEACrEc Magazine is an information, policy-centered, security and issues oriented ethical journal enriched with referral and research-inclined contents. It is chiefly devoted towards addressing the variety of issues relating to security, peace, and conflicts in Nigeria, with a view to promoting peace and security as well as projecting the essence of amiable negotiations for resolving conflicts and differences between the various groups, organizations and institutions in the country.

PEACrEc Magazine is a publication of the Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Center, a Non-Governmental Organization set up to propagate peace in all ramifications in the Nigerian society.


To be the leading voice of peace and conflict resolution in Nigeria.


  • The Armed Forces
  • Paramilitary Outfits
  • Security Outfits/Organisations
  • Corporate Nigeria
  • Government Agencies, Ministries and Parastatals
  • Nigerian Embassy Locations
  • International Conferences being hosted by the PEACrEc
  • As well as International Stakeholders


PEACrEc Magazine shall always endeavor to highlight the very essence of upholding peace as the most important platform for Nigeria’s socio-economic and political growth. Along the same line, it shall give emphasis to every attempt at resolving societal differences devoid of violence and confrontation. It shall draw reportage from the activities of law enforcement, regulations, operations, and all aspects of security as they affect modern security considerations – within Nigeria and beyond. PEACrEc Magazine shall be the discourse platform for intellectual contributions from eminent resource persons from the military, paramilitary, the academia and the general public with great consideration for security communication. The contents shall come in these formats:
  • News
  • Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Features – Regular and Special
  • Corporate Nigeria
  • Documentaries
  • Nigerian Embassy Locations
  • Discourses and Discussions
  • Pictorials


To focus on peace and conflict resolution through timely security communications and public information management.