PEACrEc celebrates ASF I Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah

Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Centre (PEACrEc) celebrates all women on this International Women’s Day
March 8, 2020
PEACrEc celebrates DSC Mgbakor Eucharia Uche
March 9, 2020

PEACrEc celebrates ASF I Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah

ASF1 Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah


PEACrEc celebrates one of the women sacrificing to make our society a safer, more secured place on this Joyous year’s occasion of the International Women’s Day.

What is your full name?

Assistant Superintendent of Fire I Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah

ASF1 Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah

In which City/State do reside?


Which agency do you work with and what is your Office address?

Federal Fire Service, Zone F Command, No 6 Campos Street Lagos Island

What is your designation at your organization?

Deputy Public Relations Officer Zone F

What are your achievements as a PR Practitioner?

As a PR Practitioner, I have achieved so many goals:

*1: Promotion of Inter-Agency relationship

*2: Promotion of good relationship between my Agency and Nigerian Mass Media

*3: Good inter relationship with the Masses has been established through my efforts as a PRO.

*Above all, My peace and reconciliation efforts have yielded positively in some cases.

What are your Career goals?

*To create an enabling environment for peace to reigns in our society.

*Act as a go-between my service, other Agencies, people of South West, Nigeria and the world at large.

*Last but not the least, to provide humanitarian services to mankind and by extension brings laughter to their faces.

How do you think MILPOPPROF can contribute to a Peaceful Nigeria?

MILPOPPROF can contribute to the peaceful existence of Nigeria and the World as a whole by:

*Exchange of ideas via visitations to various Agencies, cooperate bodies and in fact to any ear that hears.

*Secondly, if they create good relationship between Agencies, it will go a long way to reduce inter Agency clashes and by extension promote development in our country Nigeria.

In what area do you think you are best suited to make your contributions to MILPOPPROF/ PEACrEc ?

*In the area of information gathering and sharing, I think I can excel well.

*Notwithstanding, I can excel in other areas because learning is a continuous follow-up

What are your expectations being a part of MILPOPPROF?

My expectations: Waoh, I want to see a working, reliable, indomitable, indefatigable and above all good to go MILPOPPROF

ASF1 Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah


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