PEACrEc celebrates DSC Mgbakor Eucharia Uche

PEACrEc celebrates ASF I Adebiyi Adekemi Deborah
March 9, 2020
The Day of Happiness expresses that all people not regarding their nations, races, religions, ages, gender and so on deserves to be happy and to enjoy the benefits that come with happiness.
March 20, 2020

PEACrEc celebrates DSC Mgbakor Eucharia Uche

DSC Mgbakor Eucharia Uche


PEACrEc celebrates one of the women sacrificing to make our society a safer, more secured place on this Joyous year’s occasion of the International Women’s Day.

DSC Mgbakor Eucharia Uche

What is your full name?

Deputy Superintendent of Corrections, Mgbakor Eucharia Uche

In which City/State do reside?

Asaba/Delta State.

Which agency do you work with and what is your Office address?

Nigerian Correctional Service, State Headquarters, Asaba

What is your designation at your organization?

Command Public Relation Officer.

What are your achievements as a PR Practitioner?

As a Public Relation Practitioner, I have learnt so many things like:

* Better Communication and Writing Skills.

* Importance of Team Work.

* Managing Crisis / Riotous Situation

* Organizing Events.

What are your career goals?

My Career Goals are:

*Streamlining the areas we need more sensitization as an agent/ nation, develop a proper plan for the goals and establish them step by step.

* To create an enabling environment for oneness amongst different agencies.

How do you think MILPOPPROF can contribute to a Peaceful Nigeria?

 MILPOPPROF can contribute to peaceful Nigeria through capacity building amongst security agencies through training and re-training to bring about more collaboration and synergy between uniform personnel’s

What are your expectations being a part of MILPOPPROF

My expectation is to help fill in the Gap between all security agencies in the federation.

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