Tourism, over the decades have contributed to the economic growth of many countries worldwide


The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) chose the 27th of September annually as the celebration of the World Tourism Day. Tourism, over the decades, have contributed to the economic growth of many countries worldwide, research shows that over the years, tourism has continued to experience huge expansion and growth.

World Tourism Day is an opportunity to see the amazing benefits of the sector to both people and nations. Tourism contributes about 10% of the world’s GDP and also provides jobs for at least 1 in 10 persons internationally. Due to the fact that tourism comprises of different areas; it provides jobs for people also in different areas.

The Theme for World Tourism Day 2019 is "Tourism and Jobs — A Better Future For All".  Despite that Tourism provides jobs for people all over the world; it has however been undervalued in its ability to do so. The year 2019 theme for this day is to raise more awareness about the potential of tourism to create decent jobs for people.


Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Centre (PEACrEc), on this World Tourism Day joins the United Nations to raise awareness for Governments and other stakeholders to utilize the role of Tourism in creating decent jobs for their populace. Our peace will definitely be more enjoyable when people are empowered through the medium of our diversification.