Th Democracy Day celebrated in Nigeria formerly on every 29th of May annually is celebrated today, June 12 2019 in remembrance of the



Today is Democracy Day to be celebrated in Nigeria every 12th of June of every year. It was till last year formally marked every 29th of May annually.  “June 12” is significant in Nigeria in remembrance of the free and fair election held on June 12 1993. which was annulled. The nullification of the June 12 elections became the pivotal issue in all political discuss since then.


On 29 May 1999, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was sworn in as the President and Nigeria began her journey into a Democratic System of government which has empowered the people to choose leaders for themselves in the different arms of government and at different levels of governance in the country.


Despite the fact that the past 20 years of Democracy in Nigeria has not fully satisfied its purpose; which includes among many others, the will of the people being respected and patriotic leaders being elected, Nigeria can, however, boast that there has been no disruption to her Democracy all through these 20 years.


The 12th of June was chosen as the new Democracy Day in the year 2018 by President Muhammadu Buhari to appreciate the efforts of those who fought for Democracy in Nigeria especially those who lost their lives in the struggle which was encountered after the annulment of the election result of June 12 1993.


Democracy Day is a day to remember and to remind both the populace and those in government about the importance of this system of government. Hence, today the various purposes of democracy must be the focus, these purposes include, free and fair elections, an enabling environment for the populace, citizens gaining access to proper welfare and the protection and promotion of human rights.


PEACrEc joins all Nigerians in celebrating Democracy Day 2019. We at PEACrEc remain committed to the ideas of a united Nigeria with a strong belief that we are stronger together in our diversity than we are apart. We enjoin all Nigerians irrespective of religion, ethnicity and political inclinations not to relent in the resolve to ensure that Nigeria remains one nation undivided and a giant in all respects.