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Environmental Security, Preservation of Nature Is Everyone’s Business


“The environment” they say, “makes the man”. The quality of our existence as human beings is intrinsically tied to the quality of the environment which we create for ourselves. Nature in its original state has provided all that we need to guarantee our existence. We all depend majorly on what nature provides like the oceans, rivers, plants, animals, stars, and various other amazing works of creation.


Men, women, children, young and old are all part of and depend on the ecosystem in nature for their survival. A good environment helps to sustain the balance in the ecosystem which ensures that the plants and animals compliment themselves with their products and wastes in a way that ensures the survival of all species; from the oxygen gotten from plants to the food we eat, the clothes we put on, the houses we reside, the roads we ply to move from one place to another and so on. Everything manufactured for the use of humans can trace its source to nature.


The preservation of Nature is, therefore, an imperative for improved quality of life.  Natural resources including water, air, wildlife and the various deposits in the earth must be properly used and effectively managed.


The preservation of nature can be done by performing several actions. People must find ways to protect the land and waterways in their own communities, they should also raise awareness about challenges affecting their local environment and push for more policies that will protect nature.


Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Centre (PEACrEc) in partnership with the Nigeria National Park Service share our belief that Environmental Security is paramount and it is the businesses of everyone, we all have a huge part to play in preserving nature, starting from our immediate environment to the world at large. Nature must be preserved for a sustainable future.