Environmental Security focuses on dealing with threats



Environmental Security focuses on dealing with threats caused by events affecting individuals, properties and the society at large; the bad state of our environment is a threat to security as it affects all phases of human existence which includes social, economic, health, and so on.


Bad roads found in nooks and crannies of our society are major pointers to the unsecured environment. These bad roads are a major cause of accidents that have claimed the lives of many. This has led to deliberate traffic violations which worsen the heavy traffic chaos and in turn encourage thefts; pickpocketing and other life-threatening hazards.



The bad state of roads leads to wastage of resources to road users as most vehicle owners spend more on frequent repairs of their vehicles from damage resulting from these roads.



Another cause of Environmental insecurity is the lack of properly built drainages that brings about flooding which affects the health of the populace by resulting in diseases and outbreak of epidemics that may consequently lead to deaths.



We at PEACrEc, therefore, calls out not only to the authorities but to all persons of good conscience to rise up and take appropriate actions to build an environment safe for its populace which will further enhance peaceful co-existence, national security and give a good expression of the dignity of human life.