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The United Nations chose the 13th of June every year as a special day to recognize and create awareness about people with albinism and the need for the discrimination against them to be prevented.



People with albinism face a lot of discrimination all over the world and especially Africa where they are prime suspects of different forms of evil in the society and this put them at risk for frequent attacks and even death.


The purpose of the International Albinism Awareness Day is to advocate for the inclusion of persons with albinism in having access to human rights and recognizing them as people who require special needs and attention. The Day is to sensitize all civil society organizations to carry out this advocacy.


International Albinism Awareness Day 2019 has been given the theme: “Still Standing Strong” which passes on the message that despite the discrimination and attacks against persons with albinism, they are still standing strong and it is also a call to the society at large to stand in solidarity with them.


Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Centre stands in solidarity with the United Nations and the persons with albinism all over the world as we recognize, celebrate and also, support their cause for the promotion and the protection of their human rights.