The International Day of Women and Girls in Science was created majorly to address the issue of gender inequality in the science field
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
February 11, 2020
World Radio Day is a special day that celebrates the unique ability of this media form in reaching a wide range of audience all over the world and in celebrating human diversity
February 13, 2020

Century after century, generation after generation, the world has continued to face many situations that challenge her peace such as terrorism, conflicts and rivalries among global powers, persistent violence in nations, organizational conflicts, domestic violence amongst many others; to combat these challenges, there is a continuous search for the most effective solution of which Public Relations has proven and still proves to be the best way out.


Public Relations specialize in maintaining cordial relationships between an organization and its publics; it promotes understanding of the interests of each party as it assists the spread of information between them. Public Relations is an effective tool for the promotion of peace; according to IVY LEE, PR propels the understanding of public attitudes, it aids the assimilation of different policies, it assists in defining procedures and protecting the interests of every organization.

It has been proven over the years that Peace has more advantages and is more beneficial than conflicts because there is no society, organization, nation or group of people that can thrive through conflicts or wars. Peaceful co-existence among people leads to growth in different areas of their endeavours, it leads to an understanding that helps to avoid the expensive costs of conflicts. However, the fact will always remain that Peace is indispensable and PR remains the most effective tool to convey peace to any set of people.

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